4 Incredible Things You Need To Know About Faberge

4 Incredible Things You Need To Know About Faberge.jpg

Faberge is a renowned name in the world of Russian arts. Antique works of Faberge and Feodor Ruckert are famed and loved by Russian silver antiques collectors in New York for its elegance and exquisite designs. Here are 4 incredible facts you need to know about Faberge Russian antiques:

1. Faberge is not all about eggs:

While the jeweled Easter eggs from Faberge is very famous, they are only a part of the huge artistic works crafted by the legend. Faberge was quite successful in transforming everyday objects into amazing works of art, from clocks to cigarette cases. His unique goldsmithing and enameling techniques made his works quite famous all over the world.

2. Beware of Forged Pieces:

Several people began to imitate the success and works of Faberge, thus leading to the reproduction of many fake pieces offered through dealers and auction houses. To ensure that you are purchasing an authentic piece, keep tabs on the quality of enameling, the design and the crispness of chasing.

3. An expert in enameling techniques:

Faberge plays a great role bringing several enameling techniques back to life and even widened the possibilities of design. To be precise, Faberge invented over 145 new shades of enameling. Enamels were used to be created by layering it with different colors. While looking at the works of Faberge, pay attention to the number of layers of the enamel. The polish is usually smooth, with little to no flaws or bubbles in the glass.

4. Certain Faberge designs are inspired by Holly Wood:

Most jewelry boxes were made using Holly wood, and lined with velvet and cream silk. Around 500 craftsmen were employed by Faberge for the purpose.

The works of Faberge are over 100 years old, and find immense value today.  Visit your nearest trustworthy Russian silver antique store in New York today and explore the priceless collection of Faberge and Feodor Ruckert today!