Why there is a High Demand for Russian Silver Antiques?

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Did you know the demand for Russian Silver antiques in New York, particularly for 19th-century “Slavic revival” pieces, is ever on the rise? Spanning several centuries and boasting a range of ornate motifs and designs, Russian Silver is a broad and varied collectible. According to the few recent reports, hose who collect in the field, both inside and outside Russia, have been and still are “solid collectors” who develop a strong passion and persistence that lasts for decades.

Today, people are more passionate about Russian Silver for its extraordinary body of material culture and varied designs and make. The antique collectors are more interested in specific makers whose works are known throughout the world. These include,

  • Fabergé
  • Ovchinnikov
  • Khlebnikov
  • Morozov
  • Grachev and
  • Nichols & Plinke

Even if you have a Fabergé that has impeccable provenance but hasn’t restored or people haven’t seen before, then it goes through the roof. If the Russian silver Fabergé in New York is something that has been restore or has been through the sale rooms for over a decade, then it languishes.

There are also other silver pieces that fall into the objets de vertu category which includes,

  • Cigarette cases
  • Silver frames
  • Necessaires
  • Desk ornaments and
  • Vanity table accessories

These pieces were made by Faberge and his competitors and were in silver, silver-gilt, and sometimes silver and enamel.

Antiques Related to Notable Events

During World War I, Fabergé made some items to support the war efforts. Due to the restrictions on the usage of precious metals, Fabergé came up with items made of copper and steel. This includes things such as copper pots and cigarette cases with the Russian imperial eagle on them.

The above-said items in good condition can fetch you high prices in today’s market.

The Bottom Line

Russian Silver should not be treated like sterling silver because has crisp detail, a lot of drama and has such a soft look and glow.