Know the Different Types of Antique Silverware Used for Dining

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The growth of silverware for the dining table took place in the early 18th century. From soup tureens to sauceboats, there were different types of silverware items that had been used for dining in the 17th and 18th Century. Here we have discussed a few different types of antique silverware used for dining.

Antique Russian Silver Enamel Spoon

The gorgeous and awesome silver and enamel spoons are developed by Feodor Ruckert. These spoons were originally part of sets and had been broken up into their individual components over the years.

Russian Silver enamel spoons from Russian silver antique store in New York exhibit rounded style knops and the spoons were turned face side down when the table was set. This is because the detail work was on the back of the bowl so that guests would see the gorgeous workmanship when they sat down for dinner.


Tureens are the extremely popular items to have on the dining table during the 18th Century. They were heavily ornamented and used as the centerpiece for the table. They come with a classic oval, rounded form, gadroon decorated borders and a grand domed cover supported by four cast volute scrolling feet. Some of these items even have an engraved coat of arms.


Sauceboats were another dominant item at the dining table and were oval shaped with a single lip and one handle. They have round base followed through on to various items of silver from jugs to teapots.


Salvers during the 18th century were circular, square or rectangular. Salvers were raised on a central foot or three or four supports. Some of these items have cut card work on the base and around the foot. This makes these pieces more desirable and attractive.

Talk to your Russian antique dealers in New York to find the best antique silverware that were used for dining in the 18th century.