Kovsh - Know About This Gorgeous Russian Silver Antique

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Kovsh is a popular drinking vessel that was majorly used since the 14th century.  This was mainly meant for drinking Braga/light beer, Mead, an alcoholic drink obtained from honey, and Kvass, a brew made from black bread. Kovsh is one of the famous Russian silver antiques in New York that mimics the shape of a goose, a duck, or a ship. The body will contain the liquid and the Beak is used as the handle. Here’s what you need to know about it:

The Evolution

The first model of Kovsh is believed to have originated during the middle of the 14th century. The name Kovsh originated at this time. They are better called as ‘Kovshi’ due to its variation in size, uses, and origin. The small sized, individual Kovsh is used to pour out a drink from a larger one. The smaller Kovsh is usually kept by the side of the larger Kovshi for presentation purpose.


Zhalovannye is a popular form of Kovshi that was used during the 18th century. However, Zhalovannye over time were less used as a vessel and more frequently used for decorative purposes. They were also often used as gifts from Tsars to the supporters of the Empire. The name of the recipient would often be engraved on the side for this purpose. A beautiful Kovshi decorated with pearls and sapphires was gifted by Tsar Peter I to Frederick Augustus I.

Even though this Russian antique material witnessed losing its popularity during the mid-19th century, it started gaining fame yet again around the 19th century as an ornamental object. This antique piece available from Russian antique dealers in New York finds great value today and will definitely be a great addition to your antique collection.