Russian silver antiques New York

How to Care for Antique Silver


Russian silver antiques New York is delicate, malleable, and easy to tarnish. With these characteristics, you must consistently pay a close attention and take care of the silver items to ensure they survive long and their value is intact.

This blog will help you get valuable tips to ensure your priceless silver possessions are always glowing.

Use a Gentle Polish

First, you need to go for a gentle polish in the market. This polish must be made for silver and not a general metal polish.

Do it When Necessary

Polishing is good but should only be done when it is absolutely necessary. The negative part of this process is that polish takes some parts of the metal which eventually reduces the value of the silver. This especially happens when the item is plated which exposes the base metals.

Store Appropriately

You will need a case or a bag that is tarnish-proof to store your silver antique items. When you use these you will prevent the need for polishing.

Immediate Wash After Use

Acids actively cause corrosion of your vessels. They can get in touch with your silver antiques after you have eaten eggs or acidic foods. To avoid this, make sure you clean immediately after use and dry them for storage.

Use Your Non-Archaic and Practical Piece

The reasons you have decided to go into the silver antique collection is to enjoy your items (an unconventional pleasure).

Use them to reduce the need for polishing. Meaning that your Russian silver Faberge New York will not just sit on the shelves - instead, it will be frequently washed after use.

Avoid Exposing Them to Hash Environment

Exposing your items to conditions where they can be scratched, broken or corroded should be avoided by all means. You should be cautious especially when washing, storing and moving them.

Tips to Help You Buy Antique Silver


When you see Russian antiques for sale you might get overwhelmed by the available choices and the price tags. To help you come out of the dilemma whenever making antique silver selections here are few tips to consider:

Hallmark Identification

You must learn how to identify the hallmarks to prove the authenticity of the silver you intend to buy. You can do this by comparing your choice with the hallmarks in an online encyclopedia. By doing this you will learn about the manufacturer and the date of production.

Silver Documentation

This is important because you want to know what the previous auctioneers and dealers had to say about that item. Find out also if the sources are credible to confidently trust their documentation and proof.

Extended Warranty

Someone must have paid for authentication if there is a document serving this purpose. Ask for that ‘someone’ and ask what warranty is extended to you to be covered in case the authenticity is erroneous.

Know the Background

The history of the item you want to buy should be available because you need to know the provenance of it.

A Condition Report

By getting this from a Russian silver antiques New York store you will understand if there are any alterations. Are there any damages? Or has it been restored in any way? This can be even better when pictures are provided.

Bid in Advance

If you are a bidder in an auction then register to do the advance bidding and benefit from it.

Research Before the Bid

To avoid overpaying for the silver antique, research and ensure your bid is in line with previous prices.

Don’t Bid if Unsure

Every sale made at the auction is final, so bid if you need it.

Know the Terms and Conditions

Know about taxes, shipment, terms of payment and ask any relevant questions.

Kovsh - Know About This Gorgeous Russian Silver Antique

Gorgeous Russian Silver Antique.jpg

Kovsh is a popular drinking vessel that was majorly used since the 14th century.  This was mainly meant for drinking Braga/light beer, Mead, an alcoholic drink obtained from honey, and Kvass, a brew made from black bread. Kovsh is one of the famous Russian silver antiques in New York that mimics the shape of a goose, a duck, or a ship. The body will contain the liquid and the Beak is used as the handle. Here’s what you need to know about it:

The Evolution

The first model of Kovsh is believed to have originated during the middle of the 14th century. The name Kovsh originated at this time. They are better called as ‘Kovshi’ due to its variation in size, uses, and origin. The small sized, individual Kovsh is used to pour out a drink from a larger one. The smaller Kovsh is usually kept by the side of the larger Kovshi for presentation purpose.


Zhalovannye is a popular form of Kovshi that was used during the 18th century. However, Zhalovannye over time were less used as a vessel and more frequently used for decorative purposes. They were also often used as gifts from Tsars to the supporters of the Empire. The name of the recipient would often be engraved on the side for this purpose. A beautiful Kovshi decorated with pearls and sapphires was gifted by Tsar Peter I to Frederick Augustus I.

Even though this Russian antique material witnessed losing its popularity during the mid-19th century, it started gaining fame yet again around the 19th century as an ornamental object. This antique piece available from Russian antique dealers in New York finds great value today and will definitely be a great addition to your antique collection.

Things to Consider While Buying High-End Antiques

Buying High-End Antiques.jpg

When it comes to high-end antiques, they demand a certain sense of understanding to truly gain value and appreciation for both their worth and their sentiment. Buying the right piece of antique can be a challenging task even for the savviest antique buyers. If you are a savvy buyer of Russian silver antiques in New York, here are a few tips to consider to ease your antique buying journey.

Search for Reputable Sellers

Finding a responsible and reputable seller is the fundamental key to making an antique purchase. Conduct simple research to find the best antique sellers who support you in answering any questions you may have related to high-end antiques.


Most of the high-end antiques are expensive; hence you should learn how to negotiate to get favorable discounts. Did you know showing courtesy as you negotiate price can help you achieve 10 or even up to 15 percent off the original ticketed price? Sales negotiation with respect and confidence means great discounts and enhancement in the buyer-seller relationship.


In this competitive world, reproductions have been introduced into the mix of high-end antiques to gain more profit. With the right research and asking right questions, you can easily detect reproductions from genuine antiques. Search for labels, stamps and other manufacturing tags that inform you when and where the particular piece was made.

By strengthening your negotiation skills and nurturing a strong relationship with the sellers, you can gain more experience in handling high-end antiques.

Visit the Russian silver antique store in New York now to find more.

Liven Up Your Living Space by Putting Your Antiques on Display

Living Space by Putting Your Antiques on Display.jpg

In today’s world, there is a rising trend for all things vintage in interiors. Our society was once behind the most modern, cutting-edge and exclusive designs for the home. But, now it has taken a step back to embrace an older, more experienced and more mature version of themselves. This has ushered the desire to fill their homes with unique antique pieces that have stood the test of time and have a story to tell.

Adding antiques to a home décor adds beauty and ignites liveliness, only when it is displayed wisely. Here are a few different ideas to successfully decorate your home with antiques.

Group Similar Items Together

Whether you have gathered a striking collection Russian silver flatware or Russian enamel pictorial in New York, group them on a wall or shelf to make a great impact than scattering them about a room. To make the display more interesting, segregate them according to the size and shape of objects.

The Power of Multiples

Do you think that displaying items in a group would make them visually lost in the shuffle? Then, you are wrong! Arranging like pieces together encourages the eye to take note of the variations in each piece and note the differences in the artistry and techniques.

Mix Old with New

To embellish a room with a piece that stands out, try adding interesting Russian silver antiques in New York and collectibles to modern décor. Also, edit the display by color, theme, and material for more fun and rustic look.

In addition to these, you can also transform a bare wall into a gallery space by adding wall arts such as Russian enamel pictorial, comic, or print. Also, put your display on the overlooked surfaces of your homes such as the edge of a staircase, the top of a wardrobe or bookcase and more.

Know Why the Demand for Russian Silver Antiques Thrive in the Market

Russian Silver Antiques Thrive.jpg

Russian silver antiques in New York dates back to several centuries and comes in a range of ornate motifs and designs. The demand is particularly high for antique collections from 19th-century, called the “Slavic revival” pieces. Today, these metallic masterpieces are the most sought-after types of antiques due to the following reasons.

Russian Silver Antique is One-of-a-kind

Remember the cliché ‘nothing lasts forever?’ It’s not far from the truth! We all know that there is no guarantee for a particular piece of artwork that was available in the 1930s to be readily available today. If you come across Russian silver antique that is aged 100 years or more, it means you own a relic of the past that literally cannot be replaced.

Fantastic Ice Breakers

Most people buy antiques to use it as a display piece in their living room or office. These unique Russian pieces of art not only make a unique decorative piece but also initiate a conversation in a way no other item can.

They Don’t Go Out of Style

Since the 18th century, antique collecting has been around, but the popularity of this hobby is ever on the rise. Adding antiques to your home or office décor spills a flavor that is specifically outside the style of any given period. This seems not to change anytime soon.

They have a Story

Most of the Russian silver antiques were passed down from generation to generation while others are a keepsake of a loved one or just a lucky charm from years past. No matter what is the underlying story of the unique artwork you hold, you will certainly become the part of that story and history the moment you set your hands on it.

The pride of owning an artwork and becoming a part of that history are the true reasons why it fascinates most of the hobbyists and Russian silver antiques collectors in New York these days.