Things to Consider While Buying High-End Antiques

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When it comes to high-end antiques, they demand a certain sense of understanding to truly gain value and appreciation for both their worth and their sentiment. Buying the right piece of antique can be a challenging task even for the savviest antique buyers. If you are a savvy buyer of Russian silver antiques in New York, here are a few tips to consider to ease your antique buying journey.

Search for Reputable Sellers

Finding a responsible and reputable seller is the fundamental key to making an antique purchase. Conduct simple research to find the best antique sellers who support you in answering any questions you may have related to high-end antiques.


Most of the high-end antiques are expensive; hence you should learn how to negotiate to get favorable discounts. Did you know showing courtesy as you negotiate price can help you achieve 10 or even up to 15 percent off the original ticketed price? Sales negotiation with respect and confidence means great discounts and enhancement in the buyer-seller relationship.


In this competitive world, reproductions have been introduced into the mix of high-end antiques to gain more profit. With the right research and asking right questions, you can easily detect reproductions from genuine antiques. Search for labels, stamps and other manufacturing tags that inform you when and where the particular piece was made.

By strengthening your negotiation skills and nurturing a strong relationship with the sellers, you can gain more experience in handling high-end antiques.

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