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Liven Up Your Living Space by Putting Your Antiques on Display

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In today’s world, there is a rising trend for all things vintage in interiors. Our society was once behind the most modern, cutting-edge and exclusive designs for the home. But, now it has taken a step back to embrace an older, more experienced and more mature version of themselves. This has ushered the desire to fill their homes with unique antique pieces that have stood the test of time and have a story to tell.

Adding antiques to a home décor adds beauty and ignites liveliness, only when it is displayed wisely. Here are a few different ideas to successfully decorate your home with antiques.

Group Similar Items Together

Whether you have gathered a striking collection Russian silver flatware or Russian enamel pictorial in New York, group them on a wall or shelf to make a great impact than scattering them about a room. To make the display more interesting, segregate them according to the size and shape of objects.

The Power of Multiples

Do you think that displaying items in a group would make them visually lost in the shuffle? Then, you are wrong! Arranging like pieces together encourages the eye to take note of the variations in each piece and note the differences in the artistry and techniques.

Mix Old with New

To embellish a room with a piece that stands out, try adding interesting Russian silver antiques in New York and collectibles to modern décor. Also, edit the display by color, theme, and material for more fun and rustic look.

In addition to these, you can also transform a bare wall into a gallery space by adding wall arts such as Russian enamel pictorial, comic, or print. Also, put your display on the overlooked surfaces of your homes such as the edge of a staircase, the top of a wardrobe or bookcase and more.