Tips to Help You Buy Antique Silver


When you see Russian antiques for sale you might get overwhelmed by the available choices and the price tags. To help you come out of the dilemma whenever making antique silver selections here are few tips to consider:

Hallmark Identification

You must learn how to identify the hallmarks to prove the authenticity of the silver you intend to buy. You can do this by comparing your choice with the hallmarks in an online encyclopedia. By doing this you will learn about the manufacturer and the date of production.

Silver Documentation

This is important because you want to know what the previous auctioneers and dealers had to say about that item. Find out also if the sources are credible to confidently trust their documentation and proof.

Extended Warranty

Someone must have paid for authentication if there is a document serving this purpose. Ask for that ‘someone’ and ask what warranty is extended to you to be covered in case the authenticity is erroneous.

Know the Background

The history of the item you want to buy should be available because you need to know the provenance of it.

A Condition Report

By getting this from a Russian silver antiques New York store you will understand if there are any alterations. Are there any damages? Or has it been restored in any way? This can be even better when pictures are provided.

Bid in Advance

If you are a bidder in an auction then register to do the advance bidding and benefit from it.

Research Before the Bid

To avoid overpaying for the silver antique, research and ensure your bid is in line with previous prices.

Don’t Bid if Unsure

Every sale made at the auction is final, so bid if you need it.

Know the Terms and Conditions

Know about taxes, shipment, terms of payment and ask any relevant questions.