Russian silver antiques collectors New York

What Type of Silver Antiques Should You Collect?


Collecting silver is a fun task but you must consider that there are several types of antique silver available. Silver is a soft metal and yet very useful and valuable. We present here information about the available types of silver to help better your collection.

Fine Silver (Pure Silver)

This silver contains 99.9% of silver with 0.1% impurities. Fine silver is very sleek and has no much use except for silver investments and bullion bars.

Sterling Silver

This one contains 92.5% of silver with the remaining percentage comprising other metals like copper. Because of this, sterling silver is capable of holding a particular shape for as long as allowed to if care is taken.

This is evident from the available 19th-century items which are still clearly marked with the name ‘sterling’ or the figure ‘925’ on them to-date which makes them the most sought-after silver by Russian silver antiques collectors New York.

Silverplate Silver

When we call an item silver-plated we mean it is covered by a layer of silver. The base material in most cases is nickel. The exterior of such items is usually written “silverplate” to indicate what they are.

Sheffield Plate Silver

This is a mixture of copper and silver layers. They are specifically used to bring down the cost of sterling silver appliances.

Unmarked Silver

As the name suggests, these are not marked. Chances are they are silver plated but we need not assume. Use the following instructions to be sure:

  • Dip the item in hot water
  • After some minutes, check the temperature
  • Then after a minute check the temperature again
  • If the item is sterling silver, it will remain very hot for a while. On the flipside, a plated item will cool much quickly or will not attain the water temperature. Russian antiques for sale are usually marked but you still need to be cautious.

A Buying Guide for Silver Antiques


This is an invaluable antique silver buying guide to help you reach a conclusion on the best item you wish to collect. Russian silver antiques collectors New York will ensure you have the required knowledge so you can come up with informed decisions while buying your products.

One thing you must know before you begin this journey is that on very rare occasions will you find a solid piece of silver. One of the initial steps is using a magnet which will attract silverplate and fail to respond to sterling. Here are some of the things to consider:

What is Your Style?

What is your taste? It would be useless to own a valuable item that you do not value or like. What is your lifestyle? You should know how often you will be using your silver. You can check on the design, the manufacturer, patterns, type and the era of the item.

What is Your Budget

If your budget cannot afford an item then this will just be a wish. Sterling is usually more expensive compared to silver-plated items. If you have just started, begin with silver- plated candy dishes, buttons, salt shakers and many others which are less expensive.

Know Their Value

A Russian enamel pictorial store can show you the value attached to a given item. You should know the silver hallmarks which will help in knowing the origin of a given item and the year it was made.

Look out also if the item is engraved - this will make them more valuable especially if they have a royal origin. In addition, authentication must happen and the melt value is established.

You can also watch out for the market trends so that you can purchase in a season when they are cheaper from the Russian enamel pictorial store.

Useful Tips for Purchasing Antique Items

Purchasing Antique Items.jpg

Buying antiques can be a challenging task, especially for a novice collector. The following are some of the questions that cross any rookie shopper’s head,

  • Is this antique an original or reproduction?
  • Is it over 100 years old?
  • What are the best antiques to buy?

Here we have listed some useful tips that help you make the wisest decision on purchasing the right antiques.

Perform Your Homework

No matter what type of antique material you are shopping for, understanding the quality and price of the antique is essential. Don’t be afraid to ask the dealer questions regarding the item’s history. Dealers are the best resource you have in finding out more about the item and are always happy to educate novice Russian silver antiques collectors in New York.

Buy What You Love

Buy antique items that that appeals to you! What’s the point of having an antique in your home that doesn’t hold your interest or you don’t have a passion for? So, only buy antiques that you love, and you will never be disappointed with your purchase.

Handle the Item

Before investing your money into a rare piece, take your time to investigate the item. Pick the item, look underneath it, check for cracks or damages, study the back and sides and feel the touch to uncover any signs of damage or repair. Inquire about the condition of the item with the dealer even if the item appears to be in mint condition.

Find a Reliable Dealer

While choosing a dealer for your business, find out how long they have been in the business. Only the reliable Russian antique dealers in New York help you to find a quality item and justify the money you pay.

Determine the Authenticity of Faberge Antiques with these Simple Tactics

Faberge Antiques with these Simple Tactics.jpg

Back in 2016, New York Post featured a story that forewarned many avid antique collectors about fake Russian collectibles. The news features a Miami couple who filed a suit against a New York art and antique dealer accusing him of selling them a fake Fabergé egg and other Russian collectibles for $400,000. The dealer told them that the $2,600 Plique-A-Jour spoon and $33,600 Cloisonne enamel tea set they bought were over 100 years old and had been used by Russian Czars.

Many such dealings make Russian silver antiques collectors in New York worry over fake Faberge antiques. Recognizing antique fakes is important to choose the right one, and avoid spending your hard-earned money on a fake antique.

  • When buying a Faberge Antique, you must be familiar with its look and feel. Gander and touch as many Fabergé pieces as you can to detect the fake ones. When you allow pieces to talk to you, then detecting a fake one is not as difficult as many people think.
  • Make sure to read the description that comes along with the piece to ward off any suspicion.
  • Beware, fakes feel heavy in comparison to the real ones. The obvious clue in a fake Fabergé antique is it has sharp or rough edges.
  • Evaluate the antique item from any store according to its age, rarity, and desirability.
  • Check the patina. A true patina has a smooth variable surface, and the finish looks too perfect.

Above all, consider the price to find the authenticity of the piece. The pieces with high price have no guarantee of authenticity whereas a Russian silver Faberge in New York with super-low price is usually good to be true. 

Know Why the Demand for Russian Silver Antiques Thrive in the Market

Russian Silver Antiques Thrive.jpg

Russian silver antiques in New York dates back to several centuries and comes in a range of ornate motifs and designs. The demand is particularly high for antique collections from 19th-century, called the “Slavic revival” pieces. Today, these metallic masterpieces are the most sought-after types of antiques due to the following reasons.

Russian Silver Antique is One-of-a-kind

Remember the cliché ‘nothing lasts forever?’ It’s not far from the truth! We all know that there is no guarantee for a particular piece of artwork that was available in the 1930s to be readily available today. If you come across Russian silver antique that is aged 100 years or more, it means you own a relic of the past that literally cannot be replaced.

Fantastic Ice Breakers

Most people buy antiques to use it as a display piece in their living room or office. These unique Russian pieces of art not only make a unique decorative piece but also initiate a conversation in a way no other item can.

They Don’t Go Out of Style

Since the 18th century, antique collecting has been around, but the popularity of this hobby is ever on the rise. Adding antiques to your home or office décor spills a flavor that is specifically outside the style of any given period. This seems not to change anytime soon.

They have a Story

Most of the Russian silver antiques were passed down from generation to generation while others are a keepsake of a loved one or just a lucky charm from years past. No matter what is the underlying story of the unique artwork you hold, you will certainly become the part of that story and history the moment you set your hands on it.

The pride of owning an artwork and becoming a part of that history are the true reasons why it fascinates most of the hobbyists and Russian silver antiques collectors in New York these days.