Expert Tips and Tricks to Buy Antiques


To buy antiques, you don’t have to be an experienced antique dealer. If you know what you are looking for and use the right approaches, you can find great bargains easily. From online internet auctions to local auction houses, the buyers have a multitude of ways to buy antiques. Here we have listed a few tips and tricks to buy antiques from a Russian silver antique store in New York like a pro.

  • The golden rule while buying antiques is “Only buy things you like.” Buying the antiques. There is nothing worse than having an antique on your shelf that does not hold your interest. Buying an antique that is out of your interest means that you are not going to invest your time in discovering any hidden qualities.
  • Buying antiques from local county showground or exhibition hall is expensive compared to buying from local antique dealers.
  • The best antique one should invest in are antiques you like, the one you wish to keep for a life-term, or antiques that are in vogue or fashionable.
  • No matter where your buy antiques from, always ask for discounts. Some professional dealers mark discount codes on the item and this will tell them exactly how low they can go.
  • Avoid offering cash in advance before buying antiques. Pay only after agreeing on a price for paying by cheque or credit card.
  • Whether you are paying by cash or credit card, always get a receipt and make sure it lists the items age, the material, any damage or restoration and its value.

The Bottom Line

Before deciding on to buy antiques, Increase your knowledge about auction procedures and become an auction bargain hunter. So, you can end up in buying the right item at the right price from reputable Russian antique dealers in New York.