Determine the Authenticity of Faberge Antiques with these Simple Tactics

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Back in 2016, New York Post featured a story that forewarned many avid antique collectors about fake Russian collectibles. The news features a Miami couple who filed a suit against a New York art and antique dealer accusing him of selling them a fake Fabergé egg and other Russian collectibles for $400,000. The dealer told them that the $2,600 Plique-A-Jour spoon and $33,600 Cloisonne enamel tea set they bought were over 100 years old and had been used by Russian Czars.

Many such dealings make Russian silver antiques collectors in New York worry over fake Faberge antiques. Recognizing antique fakes is important to choose the right one, and avoid spending your hard-earned money on a fake antique.

  • When buying a Faberge Antique, you must be familiar with its look and feel. Gander and touch as many Fabergé pieces as you can to detect the fake ones. When you allow pieces to talk to you, then detecting a fake one is not as difficult as many people think.
  • Make sure to read the description that comes along with the piece to ward off any suspicion.
  • Beware, fakes feel heavy in comparison to the real ones. The obvious clue in a fake Fabergé antique is it has sharp or rough edges.
  • Evaluate the antique item from any store according to its age, rarity, and desirability.
  • Check the patina. A true patina has a smooth variable surface, and the finish looks too perfect.

Above all, consider the price to find the authenticity of the piece. The pieces with high price have no guarantee of authenticity whereas a Russian silver Faberge in New York with super-low price is usually good to be true. 

Liven Up Your Living Space by Putting Your Antiques on Display

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In today’s world, there is a rising trend for all things vintage in interiors. Our society was once behind the most modern, cutting-edge and exclusive designs for the home. But, now it has taken a step back to embrace an older, more experienced and more mature version of themselves. This has ushered the desire to fill their homes with unique antique pieces that have stood the test of time and have a story to tell.

Adding antiques to a home décor adds beauty and ignites liveliness, only when it is displayed wisely. Here are a few different ideas to successfully decorate your home with antiques.

Group Similar Items Together

Whether you have gathered a striking collection Russian silver flatware or Russian enamel pictorial in New York, group them on a wall or shelf to make a great impact than scattering them about a room. To make the display more interesting, segregate them according to the size and shape of objects.

The Power of Multiples

Do you think that displaying items in a group would make them visually lost in the shuffle? Then, you are wrong! Arranging like pieces together encourages the eye to take note of the variations in each piece and note the differences in the artistry and techniques.

Mix Old with New

To embellish a room with a piece that stands out, try adding interesting Russian silver antiques in New York and collectibles to modern décor. Also, edit the display by color, theme, and material for more fun and rustic look.

In addition to these, you can also transform a bare wall into a gallery space by adding wall arts such as Russian enamel pictorial, comic, or print. Also, put your display on the overlooked surfaces of your homes such as the edge of a staircase, the top of a wardrobe or bookcase and more.

How to Clean and Care for Russian Silver Antiques

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Russian silver antiques in New York are the very precious and beautiful collectibles that can add a touch of elegance to any space. These beautiful collectibles also tarnish, scratch and stain easily since they are very soft and fragile. Many avid antique collectors find it difficult to clean their antiques due to the fear of damaging them.  

Many Russian antique dealers in New York stress on regular and gentle dusting rather than infrequent, over-zealous cleaning. 'Harring' with your breath and rubbing with a clean cloth is sufficient if the item is too tarnished. This action can remove dust and minor marks such as light fingerprints. For better results, you can also use a clean, cotton cloth or feather duster.

Invest in specialized cleaning cloths specifically designed for cleaning antiques and storage bags to protect your treasured item and reduce tarnishing.

Cleaning Antique Silver Flatware

Using silver flatware regularly shows less tarnish, and they develop ‘patina’ slowly. This patina is known only to enhance the beauty of the antique piece. If you are using antique flatware regularly, be sure to clean them right after the usage especially after contact with any acidic or corrosive foods.

Also, make sure that you don’t soak antique silver flatware overnight because extended immersion can damage the metal. Wash flatware using hot water and clean crevices with the use of an old toothbrush for better results. Also, avoid putting stainless steel and silver antiques in the same basket because the direct contact between these materials can cause severe damage to the silver antiques. Use a soft cotton cloth to dry the flatware and avoid spotting on the pieces.Now, put these tips to good use when cleaning your antique silver flatware bought from Russian silver antique store in New York to achieve the desired results. 

Know Why the Demand for Russian Silver Antiques Thrive in the Market

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Russian silver antiques in New York dates back to several centuries and comes in a range of ornate motifs and designs. The demand is particularly high for antique collections from 19th-century, called the “Slavic revival” pieces. Today, these metallic masterpieces are the most sought-after types of antiques due to the following reasons.

Russian Silver Antique is One-of-a-kind

Remember the cliché ‘nothing lasts forever?’ It’s not far from the truth! We all know that there is no guarantee for a particular piece of artwork that was available in the 1930s to be readily available today. If you come across Russian silver antique that is aged 100 years or more, it means you own a relic of the past that literally cannot be replaced.

Fantastic Ice Breakers

Most people buy antiques to use it as a display piece in their living room or office. These unique Russian pieces of art not only make a unique decorative piece but also initiate a conversation in a way no other item can.

They Don’t Go Out of Style

Since the 18th century, antique collecting has been around, but the popularity of this hobby is ever on the rise. Adding antiques to your home or office décor spills a flavor that is specifically outside the style of any given period. This seems not to change anytime soon.

They have a Story

Most of the Russian silver antiques were passed down from generation to generation while others are a keepsake of a loved one or just a lucky charm from years past. No matter what is the underlying story of the unique artwork you hold, you will certainly become the part of that story and history the moment you set your hands on it.

The pride of owning an artwork and becoming a part of that history are the true reasons why it fascinates most of the hobbyists and Russian silver antiques collectors in New York these days.


Know the Reasons Why People Collect Antiques


Hi readers! I won’t have penned this blog if I haven’t visited one of my friends in New York, who has an unconventional hobby of collecting antiques. His collections of antiques are priceless and have acquired his best collectibles from a Russian silver antique store New York. My friend always used to say, “A country's true history and identity lie in the everyday articles its people use.” He started collecting antique chairs because it reminded him of growing up as a child in the South. 

So, this pushed me to explore more of the reasons why people collect antiques, and some are avid antique collectors.

Sentimental Value

Some people collect antiques because those items hold sentimental value. Some people hold on to antique items that are passed on to them by their family for three generations or more because of their sentimental value.

Antique Business

Many people buy antiques because they enjoy restoring antique pieces and selling them to people. For some collectors, this is not about the money but an unconventional pleasure.

Favorite Items

I have come across some people who because they enjoy restoring antique pieces and selling them to people.

A Specific Item

The quest for finding a certain item pushes some people to go in search of the particular item. These collectors experience a certain level of excitement and enjoy visiting stores or antique shops all over the country.


Collecting antiques is a hobby for some people and enjoy doing this in their free time. And the interesting thing is, many people go window shopping to see what type of antiques is offered in different stores or countries.

Decorating Items

People who constantly look for unique items to decorate their homes, antiques are a boon. Antique pieces such as Russian silver antiques and Russian enamel pictorial in New York are the perfect additions to any home decoration.

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Expert Tips and Tricks to Buy Antiques


To buy antiques, you don’t have to be an experienced antique dealer. If you know what you are looking for and use the right approaches, you can find great bargains easily. From online internet auctions to local auction houses, the buyers have a multitude of ways to buy antiques. Here we have listed a few tips and tricks to buy antiques from a Russian silver antique store in New York like a pro.

  • The golden rule while buying antiques is “Only buy things you like.” Buying the antiques. There is nothing worse than having an antique on your shelf that does not hold your interest. Buying an antique that is out of your interest means that you are not going to invest your time in discovering any hidden qualities.
  • Buying antiques from local county showground or exhibition hall is expensive compared to buying from local antique dealers.
  • The best antique one should invest in are antiques you like, the one you wish to keep for a life-term, or antiques that are in vogue or fashionable.
  • No matter where your buy antiques from, always ask for discounts. Some professional dealers mark discount codes on the item and this will tell them exactly how low they can go.
  • Avoid offering cash in advance before buying antiques. Pay only after agreeing on a price for paying by cheque or credit card.
  • Whether you are paying by cash or credit card, always get a receipt and make sure it lists the items age, the material, any damage or restoration and its value.

The Bottom Line

Before deciding on to buy antiques, Increase your knowledge about auction procedures and become an auction bargain hunter. So, you can end up in buying the right item at the right price from reputable Russian antique dealers in New York.